Inner power and wisdom: Interview with Dada JP Vaswani

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Quote by JP Vaswani

Quote by JP Vaswani

His smile and his words conquer inmediately. Vitality and wisdom at age 95.  Blogger Tranquility had the opportunity to interview Dada JP Vaswani, spiritual leader, poet, philosopher and educator from India.

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What is your first thought when you welcome the day?

The first thought when we welcome the day should be a thought of gratitude: “ThankYou, God, for having taken care of the body throughout the night when it was asleep and ThankYou, God, for giving me the gift of a bright new day.  So bless me that I may remember you with every breath of my being and dedicate all I do and am at Thy Lotus Feet”.

What do you pray for?

We should pray for the Will of God to be done in our lives.

What is happiness to you and how can human being reach it?

Happiness is our Original State.  We can reach it by sinking deeper and deeper within ourselves.

How can we relax a little?summary 2

We can relax a little by concentrating on our breath, by being aware of the breath going in and the breath coming out.

What is really important to you? What three values are essential to you?

The three essential values are:  Truth, Compassion, and Inner guidance.

How would you define yourself and your mission? 

I am trying to be a lowly shewak— servant— of the Master.  The Mission seeks to bear witness to the truth that there is but One Life flowing in all men, birds, animals, things, animate and inanimate.  The Mission believes that life must have a spiritual orientation and promotes the practice of kirtans, prayer, meditation and above all living for others. The others are not apart from us.  We all are part of the One Whole.

What is crisis for you? What would you tell people who are now suffering?

What is crisis for me? It is a crisis in character.  And to the suffering ones I would say:  brother, sister, this too shall pass away.

How can we get to know what is our mission in life?

By entering into the depths within you.

How can we take care of ourselves and others?

By moving on the path of surrender.

What is love to you?

To sacrifice for the Beloved.

What do you think is the difference between people in the East and people in the West countries?

People in the West believe that man is a physical body with a mind and a soul in it.  In the East they believe that man is essentially an immortal soul who has worn a body and has brought with himself the instrument of the mind to be able to do his work on the physical plane.

How can you have such a great sense of humor and smile so much?

I shall ask myself and let you know when I get the answer.

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What is power to you? What would you tell people in external power positions such a politicians and business leaders?

To them I would say:  seek not power but seek opportunities to be of service to the people.

What is forgiveness? How can we forgive others? How can we forgive ourselves?

True forgiveness is feeling that the thing never happened.

Please, give us an advice and a prayer for today.

Advice: Turn back to God.

Prayer: Make me, mould me, shape me so that you are not ashamed of me.


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